Kennel Etiquette 101 for Drop-off Day

Bringing your dog to the kennel for cage-free boarding can be a fun experience for the pet. For the anxious pet owner, it may be an exercise fraught with worry, fear of the unknown, and separation anxiety. A five-step approach to kennel etiquette can take the edge off your worries.

  1. Trust the facility. You have done your homework and researched the boarding facility. You probably looked at the business’ Yelp listings and toured the place. If you don’t feel your search was as successful as you’d hoped, call your local kennel in Cape Coral FL today. You felt comfortable enough to set up a stay for your canine friends. Now remember this trust and do not second-guess your decision in the lobby on drop-off day.
  2. Communicate special circumstances with the staff ahead of time. If your dog has specific nutritional requirements or fears, talk about them with the appropriate team members when you book the stay. Drop-off day is not the time to come prepared with a 20-point list.
  3. Provide two cell phone numbers. Depending on where you are traveling, you may be out of cell service range for a time. Give the kennel staff a second cell phone number of a local friend or family member who knows your dog and can make decisions or answer questions on your behalf.
  4. Do not drag out the drop-off. If you are anxious, nervous and frightened, your dog will be, too. Prepare yourself to be calm, assuring, and kind. Kiss your dog goodbye, tell the pet you will be back, hand over the leash to the kennel attendant, and leave.
  5. Check on your pet occasionally. It is perfectly okay to call in to check on your dog – occasionally. Placing your pet in a facility with webcams that you can access from anywhere in the world may be a better idea.


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HELP! My Dog Ate Chocolate!!

My dog, Dude, is always getting into everything. One Sunday evening, he got a hold of a chocolate bar from the kitchen counter and inhaled it before I could steal it away. First, I went into panic mode. Second, I called my local emergency veterinary clinic in Washington DC. Third, they saved Dude!


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The Benefits of Pet Lodging

It’s not always practical to take your dog with you when you go on vacation or take a trip for any reason. On the other hand, this leaves you to contend with the issue of what to do with your furry friend while you’re away. You could ask a friend or family member to watch your dog. Another option is hiring a pet sitter. There are, however, many advantages to using a pet lodging service instead. Such places may also be called pet hotels or pet resorts.

The traditional idea of a kennel is a place that confines pets to cages or small rooms. Today, however, there are many far more luxurious options for owners who want the best for their pets. Some of the amenities you can find at finer pet hotels include:

  • Well-trained staff who love animals and who have lots of experience caring for them.
  • Nutritious meals.
  • Dogs are given the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. This, of course, depends on factors such as breed, temperament and compatibility.
  • Large outdoor play areas to ensure dogs get plenty of exercise.
  • Webcams that give you a chance to look in on your pet whenever you want.

Even friends or pet sitters with the best intentions seldom have the time or resources to provide as much care as a well-equipped pet hotel. Leaving your dog in such an environment gives you peace of mind about your pet’s well-being so you can enjoy your trip. Keeping your dog at a high-end kennel is often the way to make both pet and owner happiest when they must part for a time.

Contact your local pet boarding in Santa Rosa CA today!


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Dog Training: A Quick Guide to the Basics

The best gift that you can give your beloved canine companion is a good basic education. A well-behaved companion is more pleasant to spend time with, more likely to be welcome in public spaces such as parks, walking trails and doggie daycare and less likely to annoy neighbors or landlords.  Teaching a few basic commands, such as ‘Come’, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’ and ‘Stay’, will make life easier for both owner and pet.

While you will need to devote some time specifically to teaching each command, practice can be integrated into your regular daily routine. When your dog exhibits an undesirable behavior, such as jumping up on guests, you can redirect him with a command to perform a more acceptable behavior such as ‘Sit’ or ‘Down’.

You will not need a lot of specialized equipment to get started, just a few treats, a collar and leash, and of course your dog. Use something small but tasty such as a cut up hot dog or cat treats.  Be sure to use a reward that your dog really likes. If you have a dog that is not interested in food rewards, you can use a special toy instead. Be sure to keep your training sessions positive, if you find yourself becoming frustrated, stop and try again later.

‘Come’ is the first thing that you will want to teach a new dog or puppy. In order to teach ‘Come’ you will need a long leash or piece of rope.   Attach the rope to your dog’s collar.  Let the dog relax for a few minutes and say ‘Come’ in a happy voice and offer a treat.  If the dog comes, give him the treat and praise him. If he hesitates, use the leash or rope to gently guide the dog to you, reward and praise him. With repetition, your dog should learn to reliably come when called.  Never call your dog to you in order to punish him and do not chase your dog if he runs from you.  Use a leash until you are sure that your dog understands the command.  Off-leash practice should be done in a safe fenced area at first.

‘Sit’ is the next command you will work on. In order to teach ‘Sit’, you will need to get your dog’s attention with a treat. Go ahead and give him a small piece just so he knows what you have. Then hold another piece in your closed hand, let him sniff it and say ‘Sit’ in a clear, calm voice. As you do this, move the treat backwards over his head while pushing his rear legs gently under him to guide him into a sitting position. As soon as he sits, open your hand and allow him to eat the treat.  Release him with a command such as OK. Praise him enthusiastically for any effort at first. As the training progresses, you can raise the standard and require a ‘correct’ position (butt on the floor, no slouching, etc.) and require a longer sit before releasing him.

Once your dog is able to perform a consistent ‘Sit’, you will want to introduce ‘Down’.  In order to teach ‘Down’, you will start with your dog in a sitting position, hold a treat in your closed hand and lower your hand to the ground while moving the dog’s front legs forward with your other hand to guide him into the correct position. As soon as he is down, give him the treat and praise him.  After a few repetitions, you should be able to get him to lie down without starting in a sitting position.

After you are comfortable with ‘Sit’ and ‘Down’ you can work on ‘Stay’.  In order to teach ‘Stay’, have your dog sit facing you, say ‘Stay’ and back up one step. If your dog gets up to follow you, put him back in the sitting position and start again. Be sure to release him and give a reward. When he stays successfully, you can gradually increase the time and distance until you are able to leave the room and he will stay until released.

Once the basic commands have been mastered, you can move on to more complex tricks, or simply enjoy your well-behaved companion.

If you need assistance in your pet’s training call your local dog training in Fallston MD!


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Find the Best Vet for your Pet

It is a very exciting time when you welcome a new pet into your home with loving arms. Your pet’s well-being is in your hands now and as a responsible pet owner you must do everything in your power to keep them happy and healthy. The right veterinarian can help ensure your pet is in good health and what precautions to take if they are not.

When trying to find the right veterinarian for your pet, communication is key. Treat it like an interviewing process and ask yourself if this is someone who you can openly communicate your concerns with. Ask them about their philosophies to see if they coincide with yours.

If you’re looking for a veterinarian to care for your fur baby then contact your local veterinarian in Roseville CA today!

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Noise Sensitive Dogs Can Still Be Boarded!

Do you have a dog that needs more quiet time or is afraid of thunder storms? Resorts now offer suites in which dogs are able to escape from the sounds of the storms. These individual suites have extra insulation, are covered, and are individual. This minimizes noises of the storms and lets pets feel safe until it passes.

As you can see, pet resorts are the latest way to ensure your pet is happy and not stressed while he or she has to be away from home. They can feel all the comforts of home and then more. They can even be bathed and groomed before you pick them up. Pamper them (and yourselves) while they wait!

Dog boarding and dog daycare in Livonia MI can take the stress out of boarding your pet!

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Special Amenities You Can Choose in Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is no longer a standard kennel where dogs simply stay until you return to get them. Today’s dog resorts recognize that pets are unique and have needs outside the standard “eat, sleep, play.” Now you can put your dog in a pet resort where they are happy, well-fed, played with safely, and you can chose from a wide away of special amenities.

Technology is here to better our lives, so why not use it to feel closer to your pets while away from home? Your dogs can also get this benefit by having TVs in their rooms to listen to and sooth them. It will remind them of home and make them feel like they’re not alone. There are also webcams now where you can view your pet 24/7 from a Smart phone or computer. You can even sometimes make phone calls to your pets so they can hear your voice!

Find out if your local dog boarding facility in Sicklerville NJ has these cool features!

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