Dog Training: Safety for Children Around Pets

When we train dogs, we train dogs to be obedient and gentle. However, it is also a good idea to give your child some rules and lessons about how to approach pets.

As a general rule, children love animals. They love to pet and play with dogs and cats—actually, the entire animal spectrum, like hamsters, snakes and so forth. However, because animals can bite, scratch, or otherwise injure a child, caution is in order for children around friends’ pets. Here are three good talks to have with children about pets.

First, talk to your child about the proper way to approach a pet. Children need to be introduced to friends’ pets, almost like being introduced to people themselves. If a friend has a dog, extend your hand upon greeting it and let it smell your hand for a few seconds. Dogs like to know a person’s scent. Make sure the friend is around while you do this.

Make it clear that they are not to tease a dog, for example, by pulling a its ears or attempting to ride on its back. They are not to play rough with a cat by poking it with a stick. Empathy works here. Stress that animals may see rough play not as play, but as an attack—and they will retaliate by attacking back if they do.

Second, discuss when to approach a pet, even one you know. Do not bother pets when they are eating or try to pull their food or water dish away if they are using them or approaching them. Again, pets may see that as an attack, and even friendly pets will act accordingly.

Similarly, do not approach a new mother dog or cat and try to pet or lift up one of their babies. Pet mothers are super-protective, and will get their guard—and potential attacks—up in response to an incursion.

Third, make sure that your child knows not to approach a strange dog. Strange dogs are not friends’ dogs. Even in a neighbor’s home, an unknown dog can jump up on a child and cause injury or bite. If a dog runs after them or is threatening, they should call for help.

Please contact a facility that specializes in training and pet boarding in Clinton Township MI for more information.


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Are You Guilty of Making these Dog Training Mistakes?

Training your dog is an a important part of raising them, whether they enter your family as a puppy or an adult. In order for training to be successful, there are a few basic training rules that everyone must follow. Make sure that when you’re training your dog, you aren’t making any of the following mistakes!

Training with Distractions

The golden rule of training a dog is to choose an environment that’s free of distractions. Things like pedestrians walking outside your home, the neighbor’s dog barking, the mailman dropping off a package, or even the television playing may distract your dog from the task at hand. And when this occurs, you’ll face an uphill battle when attempting to train your dog obedience and/or commands. So when you’re ready to train your dog, find a quiet room or area that’s free of distraction.

Punishment-Based Training

Another all-too-common mistake that dog owners make is focusing on punishment-based training. Also known as “correction-based training,” it often has the opposite effect by causing dogs to act out. Use positive reinforcement to train your dog instead of punishment for better results and a happier four-legged friend. If you have any questions about positive reinforcement, consult your local dog daycare in Uptown TX.

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Common Dog Training Mistakes

Whether you own a large Mastiff or a pint-sized Chihuahua, you’ll need to train your dog. This includes basic potty-training, as well as obedience commands like sit and stay. Some owners turn a blind eye to training, only for their dogs to exhibit aggressive, out-of-control behavior later down the road. Today, we’re going to reveal some of the most common mistakes that owners make when training their dogs.

Not Rewarding Good Behavior

Owners who fail to reward their dog’s good behavior will face an uphill battle when trying to train them. When your dog successfully obeys a command, reward them with a treat, petting and praise. This positive reinforcement encourages dogs to continue obeying the command.

Being Inconsistent

Consistency is critical to achieving a positive outcome when training a dog. If you reward your dog during one training session but not the next, it sends mixed messages; thus, confusing your dog. Be consistent with your training by using the same approach during each training session. If your dog attends dog daycare in Arlington VA, make sure that the staff there is aware of what you’re working on so they can help to reinforce the skills you’re trying to perfect.

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Adventures Beyond the Fence

My dog Archie is certainly adventurous! Having that said, he always finds a way to jump our backyard fence so that he can take a walk before returning home with a big grin. I had a taller fence installed but he still manages to get loose; so I decided to add an electric fence as well to ensure Archie’s safety. Also, I felt it would give me peace of mind to have him micro-chipped in case he were to come out of his collar during an escape.

I took Archie to my local animal hospital in Carmichael CA for the micro-chip. They were so nice and helpful, I recommend you give them a call!

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Consistent Customer

The name “Digger” could not be more fitting for my dog. His favorite hobby is burying his bones in the yard and frolicking in mud when it rains. I try my best to groom him myself but feel it’s best left up to the professionals!

Digger has become a regular client of our local dog grooming in Saginaw TX. I love how nice everyone is and how patient, as I am, of Diggers love for getting dirty. We recommend you give them a call!

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Picky Lady

My dog, Lady, is always in need of grooming. However, she is picky with who she allows to do the job. After many trips to many different groomers, Lady  deemed our local dog grooming in Timonium MD worthy of grooming her. Needless to say, we will be going back every time!

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Second Chance

While on my morning run, I decided to take a different path than my usual trail and ended up finding a dog that had been very neglected. His hair was severely matted and filthy. Despite his current state, he was extremely lovable and we instantly bonded. I promised the little guy that I would do all in my power to make sure he had a second chance at the happiness he deserved. It then dawned on me… what do I call him? The name “Chance” seemed fitting so we went with that.

I called my local dog grooming in Socorro TX and took Chance to them ASAP. They worked some serious magic on him and he looked like a whole new dog! I then posted ‘Lost Dog’ fliers with before and after photos of Chance around the area and reached out to local shelters to see if anyone had been trying to find him. No one claimed him and the shelters said that as sad as it was, he was most likely abandoned by the previous owner.

I don’t see how anyone could do such a thing. However, I strongly believe that Chance and I were meant to cross paths; I was able to keep my promise and give him the happiness he deserves – a forever home with me!

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